Terms of Use

1. Identification of the Company

The NA website is owned and operated by Nature Innovation and Solinest SAS company (with an amount of capital of €5 million – Located in France at 2 rue de l'Ill - 68350 BRUNSTATT - Mulhouse RCS under number B 946 050 200). Publishing Director: Nature Innovation.

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2. Subject

The terms of use of this website -www.na-natureaddicts.com- define the terms and conditions of use of the website by its users. The users are anyone who use or access the site in any way, viewing or browsing the Site.

Nature Innovation reserves the right to modify these conditions and terms of use at any time without any advance notice. In this case, the amended terms of use are effective after they have been published. Therefore we strongly recommend all the users to regularly read the terms of use. In any case, your decision to continue visiting and using the website after such changes have been made constitutes your formal acceptance of the new terms of use conditions. 

3. Conditions of use

By accessing the website, the user agrees to comply with its conditions of use and declares before any internet connection, knowing the rules and practices, the capabilities and technical performance of the website and possesses all the equipment and software required for Internet browsing.

The user guarantees Nature Innovation against misuse, improper and / or unauthorized access and visual information submitted on this site. The user agrees that the use of the website and its content shall not be made the basis for any claim, suit, demand or any cause of action or other proceeding against Nature Innovation.

Only the users are responsible for the use of information available through the website and Nature Innovation reserves the right to modify at any time, including updating the website. Nature Innovation also reserves the right to remove or modify their own content and conditions of use, and some of the features of the website without any advance notice or compensation. The user agrees to comply with the use of the Internet and the regulations and not to disclose through the Site any unlawful information. The users are solely responsible for the identity they decline and the information they give here. Any use of any data from the email address of the user is deemed to have been made ​​by him/her. Nature Innovation assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by other(s).

4. Use limit

No part of the website and its content can be reproduced, copied, modified, published, distributed, broadcasted, and retransmitted. It is also prohibited to sell, exploit or adapt the website and its content for a public or private use and for any other purpose and in any form or used in any way without the prior consent of Nature Innovation.

5. Intellectual Property

The website and all of its original content, including wordings, graphics, illustrations and iconography, which appear on the website are the exclusive property of Nature Innovation and are fully protected by intellectual property rights laws. As such, the user agrees not to upload, retrieve, store, use, reproduce, sell, communicate, perform, distribute, adapt or borrow the content protected by intellectual property law, directly or indirectly, in any medium, by any means and in any form without the permission and consent of Nature Innovation. Notably, the trademarks and brands appearing on the website are protected as well as Nature Innovation and/or its partners. Any reproduction or use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited. No license or right to use any intellectual property right is granted to the user. Violation of the above shall be responsible for criminal and civil penalties under the law applicable thereto.

6. Cookies

Nature Innovation reserves the right to use cookies to ensure the best management of the Site, and improving navigation and statistics. If the user wishes, he/she can refuse cookies by changing the settings on the browser, in most cases in its 'preferences’.

7. Hyperlinks

All the websites that have an external link to NA website (a hyperlink targeting this website or established from it), are not under the control of Nature Innovation which assumes no responsibility for their content. Users are solely responsible for their use.

8. Guarantees

The User agrees to hold Nature Innovation and its employees harmless against any action that may be taken against it, or any complaint that would be filed against the company - due to the use of the website of another person, or under the control of his/her ID and password - in a manner that does not comply with the conditions of use. This warranty covers any amount that Nature Innovation would be required to pay for any purposes or reasons, including attorney fees and court acknowledged or delivered, within a reasonable limit fees. The use of the website is subject to any warranty of any kind.

Nature Innovation gives no express or implied warranty, for the use of the website by the user, for the completeness, accuracy, availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the Services or any Content. Similarly Nature Innovation company does not guarantee that the content and services obtained by the User will be in line with expectations, and the content and services provided are in accordance with all regulations and others rights.

9. Personal information

The user needs to know that all the personal information requested on the website is needed to satisfy his/her request. All the personal information asked are solely intended by Nature Innovation. According to the law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 "and Freedoms" the user is inform that he/she has at any time the right to access, rectify or delete any personal data on Nature Innovation.

To apply your rights, you can send us a letter to: Nature Innovation - NA customer service - 2 rue de l'Ill - 68350 BRUNSTATT (France)

Users also agree to provide accurate information and to not harm the interests of a third person. The personal and visitor's contact information will only be shared with third parties unless the user has explicitly given permission at the same time of entering information.

10. Liability of Nature Innovation

In any case, Nature Innovation can not be held responsible or liable for any economic loss and direct or indirect whatsoever, including loss of profits, loss of global sales, loss of business, loss of data, disruption of business resulting from the use or the inability to use the website, even if Nature Innovation was advised in advance of the possibility of such damage. Nature Innovation will not be responsible for any damaged information, programs, files or databases consecutive data while using the software. Nature Innovation will not in any way be responsible for disruptions or interruptions of Internet access, dysfunction of computer or mobile phone of the user and any networks, or even any things that may related to Internet access and connection.

11. User's responsibility

Users are solely responsible for the use he/she makes of the features offered by the website. Then, the user must comply with the requirements and laws, including with respect to the processing of personal data. The user agrees not to involve Nature Innovation in not broadcasting against the law and in particular that may affect its notoriety in any way. It is in particular not to send any message that may harm young people and minors or more generally against the law. Users are solely responsible for the identity he/she declined and the content of messages he/she writes and shares.  

12. Jurisdiction

In the case of litigation or dispute, the Tribunal de Commerce in Mulhouse, France, is competent, even in cases of multiple defendants or appeals.