The story of [N.A!]

Birth of [N.A!] chips

It all began with Bertrand, the original Nature Addict who got the ball rolling. He set himself a real challenge and refused to compromise: revolutionise the snack world by making what we find in nature good to eat.

A tough task on the face of it… but we're going to let you in on a little secret: nature is the most delicious store cupboard there is!

And Bertrand surrounded himself with a whole bunch of Nature Addicts to develop his big idea. Since then, the little brand has grown and grown.

Looking to conquer Europe

{N.A!] chips became Fruits Sticks, a bigger, 40-g sachet, instead of 30 g, and were stocked in all major hypermarkets and supermarkets in France at the in-queue check-out displays.

[N.A!] quickly took on the rest of Europe, starting in Belgium, which loves its fruit-based snacks, and followed by Italy, Germany, etc. And even outside Europe, in... erm... Switzerland!

Innovation full sped ahead!

Over the years, [N.A!] has come up with any number of innovations and, among other things, invented Fruits and Chocolate for foodies, with three delicious recipes!

[N.A!] has also won the LSA trophy for innovation on a number of occasions!

[N.A!] reinvents the snack

It was in March 2015 that the brand set out to conquer an new market segment with its Rice Crackers.

[N.A!] hit the salty snack shelves, with its rice crackers containing considerably less fat, between 65 and 70% less fat than the average snack product.
The brand made it a point of honour to roll out with a number of recipes to cater to every taste!

[N.A!] broadens its range and advocates "healthy eating"

Though [N.A!] was the forerunner of the healthy snack, it didn't stop there. It endeavoured to meet the needs of our changing lifestyles.

So the brand created MY MIX, delicious blends of seeds combined with Fruit Sticks chips or superfruits. The perfect snack to boost your energy at any time of day.

The sNAck!

After rice, [N.A!] strengthened its position on the greedy and gluten-free snack segment with new generation tortillas with sweetcorn and chia seeds or quinoa: Corn Crackers had arrived!

The [N.A!] snack is just as much fun, just as tasty… but more balanced.

[N.A!] joins the refrigerated shelf !

[N.A!] comes this year on the refrigerated shelf, and reinvents daily life of French people from early morning with a unique range of vegetable drinks, combining naturality and gluttony ! Find our two ranges Nature and Douceur on the refrigerated shelf.


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Life's just a bowl of cherries at [N.A!]