Our Values

N.A! is the snack brand that wants only the best for you!

  • We are
    nature and innovation addicts

  • We make
    the best ingredients the focus of our simple recipes

  • Pleasure or nutritional balance? Be “you” with us:
    Naturally mad about food!

Discover our manifesto

Blackcurrant and Acai Berry Fruit Sticks

N.A! Açai Fruit Sticks, a little treat bursting with concentrated fruit taste! Blackcurrant with açai berries and apple, a superfruit taste experience for 40 g of pleasure!


Plant-based milks

Our plant-based milks have no additives, no preservatives and are made as close as possible to the home made style. They can be found in the refrigerated shelf of your supermarket ! The Natural range with our coconut drink and almond drink without sugars is soft and smooth, the Sweetness range with our almond drink with a point of honey and cashew drink and its touch of vanilla of Madagascar.


Strawberry and Basil Fruit Sticks

N.A! Strawberry and Basil Fruit Sticks, the new limited edition member of our fruit range, in one tasty mouthful! The sweetness of strawberry and the freshness of basil will send you hurtling into the heat of summer… Can't believe its that time of year again already!


Be Nature, Stay happy !