[N.A!] Cashew drink Pancakes

To use

Makes 15 pancakes




1. In a large bowl, add the flour, the baking powder and the sugar and mix well.

2. Dig a small well and add the egg. Whip dynamically.

3. Add the melted butter (not too hot to not cook the egg).

4. Thin down the mixture adding the N.A ! Cashew drink until you obtain a fluid but not too liquid preparation.

5. Add the vanilla pod and the pinch of salt before mixing the preparation one last time.

6. Leave the preparation in a cool place for at least one hour.

7. In a pan, heat some oil or butter so that the pancakes don't stick to it. Pour a small laddle of preparation in the pan (adjust the quantity of the mix according to the pancake size you wish to obtain).

8. Keep your pancakes warm and enjoy!


150 g of flour

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 pack of baking powder

1 egg

30 g of butter

1 vanilla pod

1 pinch of salt

20 cl of [N.A!] Cashew drink

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