Mini Savoury Goat’s Cheese Cheesecake with [N.A!] Carrot Rice Crackers

To use


2 /4 people

15 minutes

30 minutes



First of all, make the biscuit base :

1. Butter 4 pastry rings

2. Crumble the N.A! Carrot Rice Crackers and put them into a bowl

3. Melt the butter and add it to the bowl and mix with a spatula

4. Press this mixture into the bottom of each pastry ring or small mould

5. Place in the refrigerator while you make the filling

Make the filling :

6. Preheat your oven to 160°C

7. Beat the eggs with the salt and the cornflour in a bowl

8. Gently fold in the fresh goat's cheese and the soy yoghurt

9. Mix until the preparation is smooth and lump-free

10. Pour the mixture onto the biscuit base, smooth out the surface and bake in the oven for 30 minutes (depending on your oven)

11. Switch off the oven and allow the cheesecakes to cool inside the oven in order to prevent them from cracking

12. Store in a cool place for 24 hours


200 g of fresh goat's cheese

1 soy yoghurt

2 eggs

1 tablespoon of cornflour

1 packet of N.A! Carrot Rice Crackers

50 g of butter


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