Recipe of pancakes with chestnut flour (gluten free!)

To use

8 persons

15 minutes

15 minutes




Melt the butter, then in a large bowl, shift together with the sugar, chestnut flour, cornstarch, vanilla sugar and yeast.


Make a well in the middle. Pour in 150ml of milk gradually to avoid lumps and stir vigorously between each dose. Reserve the rest of the milk for later.


Separate the whites from the yolks in two bowls. Using an electric mixer, beat the egg whites until stiff, adding a pinch of salt.


Go back to your preparation and add the egg yolks. Pour in the remaining 150ml of milk and stir to obtain a smooth and creamy paste.


Pour the egg whites into your preparation and mix vigorously to obtain a homogeneous, smooth dough that is thick enough to make pancakes.


Ideally, let your pancake dough rest for 1 to 2 hours.


Heat a lightly oiled frying pan and pour your preparation with a ladle so as to make small thick pancakes of about 10cm in diameter. Turn them over with a spatula.


Once the chestnut flour pancakes are ready, you can garnish them with maple syrup a small mix of nuts and fruits My Mix [N.A!], as you wish. Now you’re the Chef!


3 eggs

30 gr of butter

30 cl of almond milk (or other plant milk)

200 gr of chestnut flour

100 gr of corn starch

1/2 bag of yeast

90 gr of sugar

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

1 pinch of salt

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